About Us


LCL was incorporated in 2007 as a wholesaler importing fresh & frozen products.

We’ve adopted modern technology into buying, production & selling processes in order to further enhance our customers buying experience and adapt rapidly in the frozen food industry.

Over the years, we’ve expanded & is capable of internally servicing, handling and processing over 60 varieties of fresh & frozen food. we’ve invested heavily in advanced technology processes in order to improve our products with guaranteed freshness, premium presentation & exceptional quality.

We serve & provide our customers with the best service & highest quality production (quality assurance & safety) Our product is processed under stringent international standards such as HACCP, ISO, GMP & HALAL Certications. Strict monitoring is the key to ensure all safety standards are well maintained. And this explains why we excel in what we do!

We made it to restaurants and hotels as their preferred supplier ! And guess what! You are now able to indulge in ve star freshness in the comfort of your home. With just one click we will deliver directly to your doorsteps. No more long queue at grocery store or wet market!

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